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The BEST foundations that dropped in 2019… dis tew much

by Mika

I may earn commission for purchases made through links in this post, however all opinions are my own—YKTV.

I never “needed” to wear foundation until I woke up one day in my early 20’s with uncontrollable breakouts. I was in college, broke af and struggling to make ends meet, and the last thing I thought about doing was calling a dermatologist. For one, I wasn’t entirely sure if I could afford to see a professional. Also, I was in denial that there was anything wrong with my skin—I had picture-perfect skin most of my life, so in my head, “bad skin” couldn’t happen to me. Instead, I got good at applying foundation to where it mimicked the skin that I so desperately wanted…again. Today, I finally have a dermatologist to keep my skin together, but much like my post-acne hyperpigmentation, my adoration for foundation has yet to subside.

While some people get a kick out of swatching a new eyeshadow palette or glaring at a new highlighter,  a new foundation is what does it for me. Because of my attachments to foundation, aka all the times it held me down when my skin was  f*cked up, I’ve become obsessed with staying in the know of all things foundation. This summer alone, I’ve probably tried over 20 in hopes of finding my next weapon of choice. I’m happy to report that throughout the months I found a few that are foundation snob aka Mika approved.  These brands think it’s okay to release a million foundations back to back, I know. Luckily for you, I found a few that are worth entertaining.

If you need a new foundation or want to treat yourself, I created this post just for you. I’ve included all the details you need to know about these foundations and detailed reviews of each. Keep reading to get the scoop on some of 2019 most exciting foundation launches.

1. PUR 4-in-1 Love Your Selfie Longwear Foundation + Concealer, $36

# of Shades: 100 (that is not a typo)—find your shade here.

Finish + Coverage: Natural//Medium-to-Full Coverage

Best for Skin Types: ALL

Thoughts/Testimony: This technically isn’t a summer 2019 foundation launch, but it’s hands-down one of my favorite foundations of 2019 so far. The coverage is flawless and lightweight, although it is full coverage. I also love that the bottle has both a pump and a wand so you can choose your weapon to help you slay.

Read a full review + wear test here.

2. Pat McGrath Labs Skin Fetish: Sublime Perfection Foundation, $68

Pat McGrath Foundation Review

# of shades: 32—find your shade here

Best for Skin Types: ALL

Finish + Coverage: Natural/Sheer-to-medium

Thoughts/Testimony: Of all the summer 2019 foundation launches, this was the most expensive foundation that purchased, and I don’t regret buying it one bit. It looks and feels so lightweight that it’s damn near unbelievable. Though it isn’t full coverage, it is buildable and covered my hyperpigmentation. I’m holding onto this bottle for dare life because I don’t know when I can afford another.

Read a full review + wear test here.

3. Fenty Pro Fil’tr Hydrating Longwear Foundation. $35

# of shades: 50—find your shade here

Best For Skin Types: ALL

Finish + Coverage: Natural/Medium to Full

Thoughts/Testimony: I’m oily af. However, I’m happy that I tried this foundation. If you’re looking for a hydrating foundation that’s lightweight and still covers imperfections, Fenty hydrating is that girl. I feel like this would make a great fall foundation if you have skin that switches during seasons I can see it keeping your skin nice and balanced.

Read a full review + 8-hour wear test here.

4. Anastasia Beverly Hills Luminous Foundation, $38

# of shades: 50 shades—find your shade here

Best for Skin Types: ALL

Finish + Coverage: Natural Radiant//Medium

Longwearing?: Yes (claims you don’t have to set with powder)

Thoughts/Testimony: Although this foundation claims that it is for all skin types, I’ve seen a lot of criticism from oily skin gals like myself. It looks very skinlike but doesn’t do oily skin justice. My boo Akilah (@jadoredrew) did a great review on the foundation, and you can see it in action here is a wear-test. 

5. Dose of Colors Meet Your Hue, $36

# of shades: 42—find your shade here

Best for Skin Types: ALL

Finish + Coverage: Natural //Medium-to-full Coverage

Thoughts/Testimony: I’m so mad at myself for not trying this foundation yet. It makes your skin look facetuned (from what I see in reviews). All my faves love it, and it’s definitely on my makeup wish list next time I’m at an Ulta. Watch this full review from Jackie Aina below.

6. Flesh Pure Flesh Liquid Foundation, $32

# of shades: 40

Best for Skin Types: ALL

Finish + Coverage: Natural//Medium buildable

Thoughts/Testimony: If you’re not familiar with Flesh, this is a new brand (under Revlon) that caters to WOC and is available at Ulta. This foundation is so underrated(seriously, why is no-one talking about it?)  I have oily skin, and this foundation feels and looks like my skin. Even when I get oily throughout the day, it doesn’t look bad or disturb my makeup. Youtuber, Paige of Seeking Alexandria did a great review and wear test that you can watch here.

7. Tarte Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation SPF 15, $39

# of shades: 30

Best for Skin Types: Normal and Dry

Finish + Coverage: Natural//Medium buildable

Thoughts/Testimony: Tarte is one of those brands that are slowly making shade ranges that include WOC. All criticism aside, this foundation is bomb. You all are going to be sick of me ranting are skinlike foundations, but this is another one (word to DJ Khaled). If you have dry skin, you’ll especially love this because it keeps your skin feeling hydrated throughout the day.

Here’s a review from Julia Salvia:

8. Urban Decay Stay Naked Weightless Foundation, $39

# of shades: 50

Best for Skin Types: ALL

Finish + Coverage: Matte//Medium Buildable

Longwearing: Yes

Thoughts/Testimony: I’m always a little skeptical of trying foundations from Urban Decay because their undertones can be harsh for WOC (super orange or red). However, after watching this review from Niara Alexis, I’m convinced that there is hope and this needs to be on my shopping list.

9. Charlotte Tilbury Airbrush Flawless Foundation, $44

# of shades: 44

Best for Skin Types: All

Finish + Coverage: Matte//Full

Longwearing?: Yes

Thoughts/Testimony: To be candid with you, I didn’t know until recently that Charlotte Tilbury even made colors suitable for dark skin. I recently went to Sephora to get a sample; however, I’m sad to report that the store didn’t carry my shade just yet. I’m not 100% sure if I’ll be buying this foundation to try for myself, but I’ve heard and seen such great things about it.

10. Shiseido Synchro Skin Self-Refreshing Foundation SPF 30


# of shades: 30

Best for Skin Types: ALL

Finish + Coverage: Natural//Medium

Longwearing?: Yes

Thoughts/Testimony: Besides the influencer trip for this foundation, I haven’t seen much talk about it. That may or may not be a reflection of the foundation’s performance; however, I thought it was worth noting. With that being said,  I may have to try this foundation on my own. I dropped a pic of Makeupshayla below rocking this foundation on the Sheisido brand trip, and I must say that the foundation looks pretty pretty pretty flawless.

11. Juvia’s Place I Am Magic Foundation, $20

# of shades: 42

Best for Skin Types: ALL

Finish + Coverage: Natural Soft Matte//Full Coverage

Longwearing?:  Yes

Thoughts/Testimony: I have to be completely honest—all the drama surrounding this foundation launch dimmed its light (for me at least). I’ve heard mixed reviews about the foundation. From what I’ve seen, this foundation can cover your sins. Check out an in-depth review below.

12. Smashbox Studio Skin Full-Coverage 24 Hour, $36

Essence Fashion House pictured Justine Skye Tatyana Yomary

ESSENCE Fashion House—Me rocking Smashbox Studio Skin Foundation standing next to Justine SKye and Taty Yomary

# of shades: 40, find your shade match here

Best for Skin Types: ALL

Finish + Coverage: Matte//Full

Longwearing?:  Yes

Thoughts/Testimony: This foundation truly had me shook. For one, the coverage is impeccable, and you don’t need a lot to get good coverage. I got about five applications worth of foundation from one Sephora sample jar. And we all know Sephora sample jars can barely fit my pinky finger. On the foundations listed here, it looks the best of camera. If you have a photo shoot coming up, she’s the one. And yes, I’m going to buy the full size ASAP.

13. Maybelline Dream Urban Flawless Coverage Foundation SPF 50, $12.99

# of shades: 16

Best for Skin Types: All

Finish + Coverage: Natural//Full

Longwearing?: Yes

Thoughts/Testimony: The shade range is much less than what we expect from Maybelline. I tried this foundation for myself; however, it just wouldn’t work for me. It looked so bomb on other people, but it separated badly on me and wouldn’t blend. However, I was starting acne treatment so my skin being off-balance may have been the issue—I’ll report back on that. Until then, Kathryn Bedell has you covered (pun intended).

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