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It’s Lit: 15 Black-Owned Candles To Gift This Holiday Season


Raise your hand if you’ve ever bought someone a perfume set for the holidays because, quite frankly, you couldn’t think of anything else to get. I’m guilty as well. This is your sign to stop gifting body fragrances for the holidays. For starters, perfumes (and colognes) can be very personal. Most people are very particular about fragrance worn on their bodies, not to mention one scent can smell vastly on different people. Skip the perfume gift sets this year and opt to give your friends and family a luxurious candle for their home instead. And of course, grab one from a Black-Owned Candle Company.

I’ve rounded up 15 Black-Owned Candle Companies that you can shop this holiday season (and beyond) for yourself or anyone on your Christmas shopping list.

P.S. Grab an electric lighter and wick trimmer to really step up your (or the receivers) candle game.

Leisure Mode Boutique, $30

Best Black Owned Candles Company Leisure-Mode-Noon
Credit: Leisure Mode

Fragrance Profile– A fresh and clean scent of linen, lemon , green florals & light musk

Let me just tell you—I’m obsessed with this scent. It smells like grown and sexy fresh linen and the scent fills up the room. Though the scents name is “Noon”, I find myself burning it all times of the day because it really puts me in a great mood and helps me vibe out no matter what ghetto mess life throws at me.

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Alexandra Winbush September Sixth Candle, $29 

Black owned candle company Alexandra Winbush September 6th Candle
Credit: Alexandra Winbush

Fragrance Profile– Soy Blend, Moroccan Amber scented candle.

The word on the street is that this candle smells like romance. If you’re planning a date night indoors, this may be a good addition to set the mood.

Harlem Candle Co “Ellington” Candle, $45

Best Black Owned Candles Company Harlem-Candle-Co-Ellington-Essence-of-Vibrant-Woods

Credit: Harlem Candle Co.

Fragrance Profile- Top: bergamot, cinnamon, clary sage. Middle: lily of the valley, rose, lavender. Base: patchouli, amber, musk.

Each candle from this brand captures the essence of the Harlem Rennaisance on wax (literally). This particular scent pays homage to Duke Ellington, a Harlemnite that positively impacted the era, music, and Harlem. As a fellow Harlemnite, may I just add I want to buy all of these.

FORVR Mood Mini Candle Gift Set- Core Collection, $50

Beauty and Lifestyle Influencer, Jackie Aina, did what needed to be done with her candle collection. The throw on the candles fills up the room with good vibes.

FYI, my favorite scent from the core collection is “Cuffing Season.” Although I’m not cuffing anything but my jeans at the moment, this candle feels like a warm hug from a big, fine sexy man.

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Spoken Flames “F, Yes Trio Set”, $89

Spoken-Flames-F-Yes-Trio-Set Best Black Owned Candles Company
Credit: Spoken Flames

Set Includes- Focused. Fearless. Favored

Spoken Flame’s claim to fame is the wooden wicks that crackle and “speak” to you as the indulgent candle scent fills up the room. This set contains a mix of woody, citrus, and floral aromas making it the perfect luxe gift to yourself or a friend looking to explore home fragrances.

FYI, wooden wicks are said to burn cleaner, leaving less smoke after extinguishing the candle.

Copper Wings Candle Co The 8th Wonder, $30

Best Black Owned Candles CompanyCopper-Wings-Candle-Co-The-8th-Wonder- Best Black Owned Candles Company
Credit: Copper Wings Candle Co.

Fragrance Profile: Sweet fennel, Lavender, Orange and Clove

If a cleaner (less smoky) burn is something you’d like to gift or bring into your home, here’s another wooden wick option that meets that requirement. This particular mix of fragrance notes is unexpected and unique, hence the name 8th Wonder.

BLK Sunflower Co Meet Me At The Altar, $32

BLK-Sunflower-Co-Meet-Me-At-The-Altar Best Black Owned Candles Company
Credit: BLK Sunflower Co.

Fragrance Profile- Smells Like a Fresh Bouquet of Roses

Give people their flowers while they’re still here but in candle form. After all, who doesn’t love the smell of fresh roses?

CAVO New Spot Candle, $24

CAVO-New-Spot-Candle Best Black Owned Candles Company
Credit: CAVO

Fragrance Profile: Sage + Champagne + Lavender + Oak

When you move into a new space (physically or figuratively), lighting a good-smelling candle is the icing on the cake. Extra brownie points if it’s a Black-Owned candle. This CAVO candle embodies that feeling of entering a new space and comes with an accompanying playlist to set the mood. “Alexa play New Apartment by Ari Lennox.”

Good Day Scents Candle Co. So Fresh & So Clean, from $15

GoodDay-Scents-So-Fresh-So-Clean- Best Black Owned Candles Company
Credit: Good Day Scents Candle Co.

Fragrance Profile: Fresh Linen

As far as candles are concerned, Fresh Linen is a fragrance profile that you can almost never go wrong with. This soy blend candle cleverly named after the top charting OutKast single is one worth trying if a fresh and so clean home smell is what you’re looking for (or to gift).

Petty Candle Co Fresher Than A Motherf*cker, $24

Best Black Owned Candles Company Petty-Candle-Co-Fresher-Than-A-Motherfcker-
Credit: Petty Candle Co

Fragrance Profile- Ozone, Fresh Rain, and White Tea

If you haven’t realized, this blog is a Fresh Candle stan account. The addition of white tea in this candle from Petty Candle Co. makes for an irresistible refreshing fragrance that you’ll won’t regret.

La Botica Nolita 96 Candle, $78

La-Botica-Nolita-96-Candle Best Black Owned Candles Company
Credit: La Botica

Fragrance Profile: Sensual sandalwood against elegant iris and cardamom.

Channeling the underrated NoLita neighborhood of NYC, this candle scent is described as sophisticated, unexpected, and intoxicating.

Dawn Marie West poured her Afro-Latina roots into this luxury candle brand, and a percentage of proceeds go to The Dream Project, helping underprivileged children in DR.

Joe + Monroe Brandy Leather, $42

Best Black Owned Candles Company Joe-Monroe-Brandy-Leather
Credit: Joe + Monroe

Fragrance Profile: “Hints of orange and bergamot while rosemary enhances the natural essence. Patchouli and tobacco round out the base for a beautiful, deep character.

The best thing about this candle beside the intoxicating scent notes is the option to choose your tumbler color. From matted black to glimmering gold, you can match this candle to the home aesthitic it shall burn in.

Bright Black Candles “Kingston”, $30

Bright-Black-Candles-Kingston- Best Black Owned Candles Company
Credit: Bright Black Candles

Fragrance Profile: “Welcomes you seaside with the scent of rum-spiked, grapefruit-flavored Ting and sugar cane.”

Tapping into Dariel’s (one-third of Bright Black Candles) Kingston, Jamaica roots, this candle is a nod to what many people know and love about the destination. Everyting irie.

Wicks Nola Candle Company “Bella Donna” Luxury Candle, $35

Best Black Owned Candles Company Wicks-Nola-Candle-Company-Bella-Donna-Luxury-Candle
Credit: Wicks + NOLA Candle Co.

Fragrance Profile- Top: Sea Salt, Ozone Mid: Jasmine, Lily of the Valley, Green Leaves Bottom: Wood, Tonka Bean

Inspired by New Orleans, this luxury candle brand capture the energy of New Orleans in home fragrance form. If you’ve never been to NOLA, Wicks + NOLA Candle Co. is the next best thing to booking a trip.

Olphactory Candles “Intimacy Calling”, $34

Best Black Owned Candles Company Olphactory-Candles-Intimacy-Calling
Credit: Olphactory Candles Co

Fragrance Profile- Orchid, Rose, Ylang Ylang, Black Amber, and Mandarin.

An alluring, sweet yet seductive candle that entices your mind, body,, and spirit like good music.

I may earn commission for purchases made through links in this post, however all opinions are my own—YKTV.

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