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The Best Home Products I Found on Amazon (but, seriously)


I may earn a commission for purchases made through links in this post, however, all opinions are my own—YKTV.

Like most people these days, I often fall into a rabbit hole looking for the best products to solve my third world problems. Since I moved out of my momma’s house back in Summer 2020, I’ve been on the hunt for things to both spruce up and make my life at home easier. And of course, I’ve come across some amazing home items on Amazon that I HAVE to share.

From electric lighters to rotating makeup organizers, here are some of the best Amazon Home Products that I’ve discovered.

1. FRUITEAM Electric Spin Scrubber, 360 Cordless, $75.99 (click for sale price)

amazon home products electric scrubber brush

I may be only 20-something but getting down to scrub the tub, shower walls, or even tough spots on the floor wears me out. This electric, wireless scrub brush does all the work to get home squeaky clean.

Sidebar: My roommate and I have a professional cleaner come every so often for a deep clean, and she absolutely stans this brush.

2.Rechargeable Electric Arc Lighter with 360° Flexible Neck, $12.99

amazon home products electric lighter

If you follow me on the ‘gram, you’re either sick of me lighting my candles every morning or my story or are thoroughly intrigued with this flameless lighter. As someone who is always burning something in the house whether it be candles, incense, or blunts, this lighter is easily the most useful Amazon home product I’ve purchased.

No more running out of lighters unexpectedly!

3. WICKMAN Wick Trimmer with Gold Finish, $8.95

amazon home product gold candle wick trimmer

Speaking of candles, this wick trimmer is an essential Amazon home product if you’re an avid candle burner. Truth is in order to preserve the scent and burn quality of your candles, you should be trimming your wick before every use. In addition to getting your coins worth from your candles, this gold-finish wick trimmer is def giving the girls “bad bitchery”.

4. Sonkir Soil pH +Moisture Meter, $10.19 

amazon home product soil moisture ph meter

I love being a plant mom but I don’t quite love sticking my manicured fingertips in the soil to check for moisture. This meter tells you the condition of your plant baby’s soil ranging from dry to wet. YOU NEED this!

5. IMEEA Gold Mini Watering Can, $18.98 

Amazon home products gold mini watering can

You also deserve to parent your plants in style so pick with this super cute watering can. It’s small which probably makes it suitable for someone who doesn’t have a ton of plants.

I currently have 9 plants and love this size bc it helps me keep track of how much water I’m giving each individual plant

6. Wixann Smart WiFi LED Light Bulb, $14.99

amazon home products wifi bulbs

These lights, which you control from an app on your phone, may make me sound lazy but trust me, there’s methods to my madness. I love to read before bed but once I get sleepy, I don’t feel like turning off the light, with these bulbs I can do it straight from my phone.

I also want to try programming them to turn on when I should be in the AM so the light can annoy me out of my deep sleep (update: It worked!)

7. Coyaho 360° Rotating Makeup Organizer, $14.99

amazon home products rotating makeup organizer

I’ve been working in the beauty industry forever, which means I’m somewhat of a product junkie. I hate the cluttered look of products sitting on a shelf or my dresser so this organizer makes my go-to products less of an eyesore.

If you have some favorite Amazon Home Products that you can help but to stan, let me know and share this article with a friend!

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