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Barbie Movie Review: Is It Worth Seeing in Theaters?


The latest Barbie movie is far from mere child’s play. It intricately weaves the magic of a childhood toy with a deeply profound exploration of societal “norms,” explorations of womanhood, and the often unattainable standards of perfection. Prepare to shelve your preconceptions along with your vintage Barbie collection (if you’re so lucky to own one), as Mattel delivers a surprising, almost 2-hour-long cinematic twist to the beloved franchise.

The narrative is a rollercoaster ride that takes us from the pastel perfection of Barbieland to the organized chaos that we know as the “real world”. We find our heroine (depending on who you ask), Barbie, along with her somewhat clueless sidekick Ken, transported from a realm where women are in control to a starkly contrasting environment.

Barbie’s journey into the human world is marked by her coming to grips with one of humanity’s most profound realities— mortality—and other facets of human nature, such as gender inequality. Embodied in the statement, “Ideas live forever, humans don’t,” Barbie’s grappling with this concept provides an emotional subplot that adds unexpected depth to the film.

The Barbie Movie Soundtrack

The soundtrack is as varied and colorful as Barbie’s wardrobe, perfectly encapsulating the film’s emotional range. From the narrative tunes by Lizzo that lend depth to Barbie’s journey to Ryan Gosling’s vocal performances that add an extra layer of charm and humor, the music becomes a character in its own right. And let’s not forget a foot-stomping, heart-pounding rendition of Aqua’s classic “Barbie Girl” reimagined by rap legend Nicki Minaj and Princess Ice Spice for the 2023 audience.

Fashions in The Barbie Movie

Fashion lovers will be in for a treat as Barbie’s ensembles are nothing short of stunning. From classic Barbie pink to hella archival Chanel, the styling in the movie is nothing short of amazing. The unique and whimsical clothing pieces capture the spirit of Barbie. Not to mention they serve as delightful eye candy for the sartorially inclined.

Final Review of Mattel’s Barbie Movie

The Barbie movie is more than a rose-tinted stroll down memory lane. It’s a heartfelt and insightful exploration of gender norms wrapped in a package of glitz and glamour. This film breaks the mold of the classic Barbie narrative, presenting us with a Barbie who is not only a symbol of femininity but also a character grappling with her imperfections and vulnerabilities. As Ordinary Barbie, played by Margot Robbie, bans together with her team of Barbies and IRL companions, including President Barbie, played by Issa Rae, Gloria, played by America Ferrera, and the ever so popular and witty Weird Barbie, played by Kate McKinnon, you get a friendly reminder as to why being a woman is so powerful despite all over the pretty pink baggage that comes along with it.

With its clever blend of nostalgia, humor, and unanticipated depth, this film reminds us it’s not just a Barbie world. It’s a complex, challenging, and fascinating place that all of us, plastic or otherwise, are trying to navigate. A film that was expected to be a mere nod to nostalgia has instead served up a delightful and insightful exploration of life, making it a must-watch movie.


Can you stream or watch the Barbie Movie at home?

Yes. The Barbie Movie is available for pre-order on Amazon now and can be purchased starting September 5th.

Is the Barbie Movie for kids?

Barbie is rated PG13 meaning there may be some material not suitable for children (namely language in the case of this movie).

How long is the Barbie Movie?

The Barbie Movie has a run time of 114 minutes of 1 hour and 54 minutes. No date has been set for streaming the Barbie Movie. However, it’s expected to hit Max (formerly HBO Max) sometime in the fall.

Is There An End Credit Scene in the Barbie Movie?

No need to stick around in the theat. There’s a delightful montage but no extra end credit scene.

Will There Be a Barbie 2?

While there’s no official statement from Mattel, the ending of the movie could be the perfect setup for a sequel. Stay tuned for updates.

Where Can I Find A Kenough Hoodie?

Kenough Merch is currently available for sale and preorder on Mattel Creations official website.

Where can I find a Weird Barbie Doll?

The ever so popular Weird Barbie is currently sold output you can also check Mattel Creations website.

How Much Did The Barbie Movie Make?

As of August 2023, the Barbie Movie has made of $1 Billion in the box office

Where is the Barbie movie playing?

You can check the Barbie Movie Official site to see when and where the Barbie Movie is playing near you.

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