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Here’s Why I Subscribed To Apple Music After My 3 Months Free Trial


I’ve used Spotify for about 2 years as a premium user and for the most part didn’t have any complaints. At the time of signing up all I really wanted was music at my disposable at any time and any place. And that’s exactly what I got. When Apple Music was launched I was indifferent, until I realized that they were giving out free 3 month trails of course. My 3 month free trail has officially ran out and I am officially giving Spotify the boot and this is why.

Apple Music “For You” Playlist’s

apple music for you playlists

A little glismpe at my “For You Playlist”. Apple Music understand’s my love of 90’s R&B and old school east coast rap. Oh, and family BBQ’s

I’m sure you all have seen the Apple Music commercial with Mary J. Blige, Taraji P. Henson and Kerry Washington when Kerry say’s “it’s like you have a boyfriend that makes you a mixtape in your laptop” That couldn’t be more accurate! I listen to Apple Music everyday and everyday I look forward to what “my boyfriend” has prepared for us to listen to today. And not one day has “he” disappointed me.

Pathetic? Maybe but Apple Music knows me so well. They’ve have had a couple of misses, don’t get me wrong but after realizing the chances of me listening to country music are slim to never going to happen, my playlist’s have been on point! Apple really takes by likes and adds into consideration in order to to build playlists that are truly reflective of my taste in music. The Discover Weekly playlists on Spotify never quite cut it for me.

More Music Availability  

I used to get so frustrated with Spotify because they would get releases extra late or a song that’s not even extraordinary isn’t in their database OR artists would play Petty and pull their music from Spotify entirely (cough cough) but I don’t have those problems with Apple Music. I can probably name a few songs that I’ve looked for on Apple Music that I can’t find but thats about it.

iTune Purchases/Download and Streaming In One Place

On occasion’s, I buy music or import music from a physical CD’s. It used to be such a pain having music in both Spotify and in iTunes instead of just one place. Call me lazy but who really has the time or patience to  be flipping back and fourth between applications or even to remember which app has what music. Not I! It’s so convenient to have it all in once place.

Better Radio Stations

apple music radio

The radio stations on Spotify were literally cringeworthy. I would play a “90’s R&B” radio station and hear everything but 90’s R&B or the same 5 songs over and over again. When I would listen to a radio station for a specific artist on Spotify, it was like they would just throw together any artists or songs that “kind of sort of” fell in the same category but honestly didn’t at all. I’m talking about throwing Beyonce and Taylor Swift together because they’re women that just happen to sing.

Apple Music clearly shows that my likes and adds to my music library do not go unnoticed. That’s very evident in the consistent likable music that they have picked for me over the last 3 months.

Genius Mixes and Other Accurate Playlists

Apple Music just has kick ass playlists overall. Genius Playlist’s is a little different from the “For You” Playlists. With the Genius Playlist’s, Apple uses some type of algorithm to put together a playlists of songs (from your music library) that sound like they go together. This is something that has been available on iTunes for a while now and is a great plus to have alongside Apple Music.

No Signing-in Issues

For Apple Music you sign in with your apple id, as with anything else with Apple. I like this idea for the simple fact that I have a Macbook, and iPhone and an iPad. Spotify on the other hand, I decided to do the “easy” login with my Facebook profile which usually is okay but sometimes for some reason my login info wouldn’t be recognized and I can’t sign in. Also there was that one time that I deactivated my Facebook and I couldn’t use my Spotify because my account was deactivated.

I’ve also found that my music syncs to my other devices a bit quicker than they did when I was using Spotify.

…Now Apple Music isn’t perfect but it pretty good to be so new. I absolutely do not have anything against Spotify, but Apple Music simply just caters to my wants and needs more than Spotify does in terms of a music streaming service. The $9.99 a month is absolutely worth it!

Do any of you all have a preference of one service over the other? If so, tell us below


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