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Amara La Negra, We’re Rooting For You SIs

by Mika

“A little more Beyonce–a little less Macy Gray”

amara la negra love & hip hop miami

Can we really dive into this problematic conversation between Amara La Negra of Love & Hip Hop Miami and the sucky producer that had the nerve to let these words leaves his mouth?

In case you missed the ignorance…

Black Girl Magic has been reigning all over the world. From seeing black girls making major boss moves in primarily white and male-dominated spaces to the overall embracing of blackness and everything that comes with it–Black girls of all ages have been winning.

It seems though, no matter how many wins we gain or how many times we slay anything that we come in contact with, some people just don’t know how not to be offended by our blackness. It’s the reason why we’re told our hair isn’t “professional” enough for the workplace. Or why “black female” teachers are body shamed for teaching with curves that the baggiest sweatsuit probably wouldn’t cover. Why are people so offended by our blackness?

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“The music industry is looking for cookie cutter poster child’s

amara la negra

A poster child of what? Your ignorance and the ignorance of others in the music industry? When the “super producer” (don’t really care to know his name)  that Amara La Negra was seeking to work with uttered these words, I literally couldn’t believe it. I cringed having to watch such an amazingly talented brown goddess be so disrespected like it was nothing.

Producer:I didn’t mean to offend you…I didn’t mean to come off that way…

Amara La Negra: There you go…you’re doing good…I’m listening to it.

Producer: I was doing good but I gotta keep it 100%…you’re psychotic. Like I said I wasn’t trying to offend you…the whole fact that you’re trying to make it an issue and I keep ‘conversating’ and I’m like scratch that let’s take about something [else]

amara la negra

You have tattoos on your face sir but I’m  going to let you live. What’s wrong with this scenario is not only the context of what he is saying but that fact that he doesn’t see an issue with it what so ever. Also, why is it when a black woman defends herself she’s crazy or a bitch? The better question is why does she even have to defend herself under these circumstances in the first place?

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He spoke to this woman as if her blackness was a phase. Though I am really in awe about what transpired in this scene, I probably shouldn’t be considering he doesn’t even understand the term “Afro-latina” but we’ll leave that for him and Merriam Webster to hash out.

Ms. Amara La Negra, we are rooting for you, sis. Everything about you is beautiful. From your black skin to your curves to your voluminous fro. Don’t let this industry or anyone in it tear you down and make you feel like you have to be anything but yourself.

What did you guys think about what transpired between Amara La Negra and this troll producer on the first episode of Love Hip Hop Miami? Comment below or chat with me on Twitter.

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