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Book Review: Advice For Living Your Best Single Life In Your 20’s

A Belle In Brooklyn: The Go-To Girl For Advice On Living Your Best Single Life

A Belle In Brooklyn: The Go-To Girl For Advice On Living Your Best Single Life

I don’t particularly find myself reading much of anything outside of blogs, magazines or tweets in my spare time but about a week ago (shmoney dances) I stumbled upon “A Belle in Brooklyn; The Go-To-Girl for Advice On Living Your Best Single Life” by author Demetria L. Lucas of Bravo’s Blood Sweat & Heels I was instantly hooked.

While sitting in my office on amazon.com, as I usually do when my mind wanders away from my work, I began a book search because honestly I need a freaking hobby outside of Netflix, trap music, and impulse shopping. I found a preview of ABIB and began to indulge. The preview alone literally has me staring at my screen holding back laughter and wide-eyed.

a belle in brooklyn

A Belle of Brooklyn is full of jaw dropping, wtf moments that Demetria very openly shares about dating and just living life in her 20’s.

I mean really LIVING life to the fullest. This southern belle with a city girl swag knows the game and plays it very well. This book literally has me thinking about my 20’s and dating in a very different perspective.


Me before reading this book, mad because I’m not married at the age of 20.

Demetria discusses everything from all the aint sh*i ninjas that she dealt with, partying every night of the week, working on her craft, making great friends, and falling in love. It makes me want to step out of my comfort zone, stop being such a prude and really live life in my 20’s before it’s all over and I look back wondering “what the hell was I thinking?”

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Demetria’s “panelists” of men experts that she often shoots emails over to asking the questions that NEED answers really gave this book a good twist. They give their honest and unadulterated opinions on really sensitive topics like does a woman’s weight matter, dudes under 30 and viagra, no makeup vs. beat face honeys, and tips on when and how to keep your fallback game strong.

I definitely recommend this book the single 20 somethings out there. And for my girlfriends, if you’re reading this,  just know we are starting a sisterhood of the traveling book starting off with this good read right here!

Demetria L. Lucas of Blood Sweat and Heels & Author of A Belle in Brooklyn: The Go-To-GIrl For Advice on Living Your Best Single Life

Demetria retweeted me and I was super excited. I may have “fanned out” just a tad bit.

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