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9 Signs The Dude In Your Life Is Actually A FuckBoy


Throughout evolution, global warming and technological advances, the “fuckboy” has stood the test of time. 

He sweeps you off your feet, tells you everything that you want to hear and keeps up the front for a while (pretty well if I must say so). Then BOOM– those “small” changes in behavior that you’ve been totally ignoring finally start to resonate and now you have to throw the whole relationship/situationship away. You finally move on and the cycle repeats. Why? Because unfortunately enough for us good girls out there fuckboys are in abundance and are hard to spot/get rid of–kind of like roaches.

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9 out of 10 guys that you may come across in your day to day may be fuckboys however why is it so hard to spot them? Because, they are professionals and they know exactly how to stay undetected until you, their victim, finally gets out her feelings and start acknowledging the signs showing that he was a fuckboy all along.

Trust me, sis–I’ve had my fair share of fuckboys and so have most women that I know. Here a few ways to know that the current “man” in your life is a fuckboy (because you’ll no longer be ignoring the signs right?)

1. His actions and his words almost never match up

This is like the #1 sure sign that the dude you’re dealing with is a fuckboy. Fuckboys have a advanced degree in “bullsh*t” and telling you exactly what you want to hear. No matter how many excuses or explanations that he may give you, don’t sweep it under the rug. Real men keep their word.

2. Some of his closest friends are fuckboys

Much like birds, fuckboys of a feather flock together. If the dudes that he hangs out with are fuckboys, more than likely he is a fuckboy too.

Bonus tip: If one of his friends ever flirt with you or come on to you in any way, there is a 150% chance that he is a fuckboy with an extra side of fuckery. Obviously, his friends don’t have enough respect for what you guys have going on to not cross that line.

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3. He does f*ck shit to the people closest to him like his friends and family

It’s one thing to be inconsiderate towards the women tiptoeing in and out of his bedroom, but if he is shitty to his friends and family, that is another level of fuckboy. Never trust a man that would betray his homeboy or his momma. You need to run as fast you can in the opposite direction.

4.  He doesn’t use social media

This is debatable but I’ll explain.  Social media is designed to showcase various aspects of your life and for a fuckboy that includes his fuckery. It’s kind of hard to live a life of lies when you have social media showcasing what you’re really doing, who you’re really doing it with and everything else you’re probably lying about.

5. He disappears for days and pops up after like everything is normal

This is another classic sign. A true fuckboy knows to play it cool af–if you don’t bring up him disappearing for days on in, more than likely he won’t either. And because you’ve missed him in his absence you’ll probably just ignore the fact that he was just MIA and pick up where y’all left off.

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6. You guys only “hangout” during indecent hours

“The only thing open after midnight is legs.” If he doesn’t hit you up until late at night don’t think he’s just been so busy and willing to neglect sleep to hangout with you. You should already know what is on his mind–don’t be naive.

7. He frequently refers to women in a derogatory manner in your presence

If he speaks disrespectfully of women in front of you, why do you even want to deal with him? You’re not the exception, sis.

8. He gets belligerent and down right disrespectful when he doesn’t get his way

When a fuckboy doesn’t get his way, his brain can’t fully process it and he will lose his shit. He’ll naturally expect for you to give him whatever it is he wants because of his bad attitude or he’ll start slowly pulling away from you. You need not to give him the satisfaction–a bad ass attitude gets you nothing the door…BOY BYE!

9. “He always talking about what he wants and just sits on his broke ass”- TLC, No Scrubs

T-Boz, Left Eye & Chili explained that for us pretty well. A fuckboy will talk a good game but his actions say otherwise–this includes in other areas of life such as school, work and even finances. A fuckboy knows how to fake it to he makes it. He’ll talk himself up like he’s got everything meanwhile he’s struggling and trying to figure who and where he’ll get his next come up from. Don’t get caught up sis.

Now that you’ve embedded these signs in your head, protect your energy and stay fuckboy free.

What are some other signs that I may have missed? I too am working diligently to stay fuckboy free…TWEET ME or hit me on THE GRAM


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