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7 Ways To Tell If You’re REALLY A Beauty Junkie


Hello, My name is Mika and I’m a cosmo-holic.


To be completely honest, I’ve probably spent just about $10,000 on beauty products in my short lifetime. Even when I was a teen living off of my parent’s money, I would save my little coins to go to Duane Reade and cash out on Wet N’ Wild and N.Y.C. products. I started at the bottom and now I’m here, spending my free time in Sephora or beauty bargain hunting in TJ Maxx.

If you’re anything like me and believe every day is an occasion to buy new skincare or there’s no such thing as too much makeup (who the HELL came up with that anyway) then you can probably relate to these 7 signs that you are in fact a cosmetic junky.

Beauty blogs and Youtube videos Trump (no pun intended) the news any day

You HAVE to stay in the know of all things beauty. Not a new product launch, new technique or new  guru, nothing beauty-related EVER gets past you. With all the madness that’s going on in the world, you much rather skip the 10 o’ clock news anyhow.

When your friends need the tea on a new product, how-to, etc. they come to you before Googleways to tell you're beauty junky

You are all the beauty advice your friends need. You’re like their own personal beauty consultant but free and without the extra sales girl pushiness.

And when it comes to exclusive launches like the M.A.C. x Mariah Carey collection, you don’t only order before everything sells out in 2 seconds but you also buy duplicates…just because.

You have difficulty parting ways with products that you’ve had for entirely too long

Whether it’s a product you never touched or one that you have managed to keep in your makeup stash for 10 years+, you just can’t seem to let go.

You buy products that are virtually the same but somehow you convince yourself they’re not

ways to tell you're beauty journey joanne the scammer

People need to understand that there are like 50 different shades of red lipstick and guess what?  We just have to have them all. W E   N E E D  O P T I O N S  people!

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You think about giving away some of the unopened products that you have stashed away but the pain is just too much to bare

It’s like a mother giving away her child. It probably happen’s  but I won’t be the one doing it.

When you travel you get sad packing your makeup because there are too many products to choose from

I mean because who really needs clothes? I’d gladly wear a t-shirt and leggings every day if it meant I could take my whole beauty collection with me on vacation. Not literally, but you get what I’m saying.

Packing the “essentials” is literally a task from hell. Everything I purchase is essential…makeup and skincare is life.

You make up beauty needs to give yourself an excuse to buy more cosmetics


Whether it’s a product that your favorite Youtuber is raving about or you decided that the imaginary bags under your eyes need some special attention, someway somehow you’ve created a need for something that you must fulfill.

Makeup and skincare in my humble opinion are fun self-care practices. You could be doing much worse things with your time and money if you ask me. If spending 80% of your income (jk) makes you happy by all means go for it. Do you boo and look good while you do it.

ways to tell you're beauty junky

What’s something that you often do that only a beauty junkie could relate to?


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