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5 Things For Every Woman To Accomplish in Her “Single Season”

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Hi All !

My name is Samy Tshimanga and I am honored to be guest posting on astoldbyMIKA.com. I am a fellow blogger, check me out on Diary of an African Gyal I blog about life in general or whatever interests me that week. However, you don’t want to know all that, now do you?

I am coming to you as Auntie Samy with some advice. Currently, I am in my single season and loving every moment of it by the way. I get to spend money on myself and I also am enjoying getting to know who Samy is. As a single girl, I feel like there is so much to do before taking that next step aka getting married or stepping into a very serious committed relationship. I am here to give you 5 things that every single girl should accomplish during their single season. Let’s start shall we.


Fix your finances

Finances post-grad is more important than your GPA.  How you manage your money now will be how you will manage it for the rest of your life.  Finances that also includes your credit paying off some of that outstanding debt i.e  Car loans, credit cards, student loans etc.  Also asking for an experts help (i.e. Financial coach, advisor or an investment banker). You don’t only need to fix your finances, you also to understand your finances. I am talking that fancy talk like , IRA, 401K, Social security, life insurance etc. You need to learn how to handle your own finances before you through someone else’s in the mix.

Get a passport and see the world

Recently I caught the real bad case of the travel bug, so I was determined to travel all over. It is so much easier to travel solo or with a group of friends. I think it is super important to travel as much as you can during your single years. Also, when you travel you learn so much about yourself and others. You find out more about the world which will end up changing your perspective about life including your future relationships.

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Live completely by yourself

This tidbit of advice is extremely important and  I am glad to have experienced this. You need to learn how to be content on your own before being content with someone else. Yes, the bills might be a tad bit higher (which stinks) however, that sense of independence (*cues Destiny’s Child Independent Women) is important for every girl to achieve. You should learn how to cook, clean, decorate and pay bills ON TIME all by yourself. Who doesn’t want that feeling? Plus, every girl needs that place of solitude to be the creative butterflies that we are meant to be or just simply get away from the world.

Get to know God

Hallelujah! Knowing and having a relationship with God during this time of singleness will help you understand yourself a lot better. It will keep you grounded and firm in your beliefs and faith so when it is that time to meet that special someone you aren’t stuck with scum or a trifling good for nothing type of brother. For example, I am getting back to my roots in church and it is changing how I look at relationships and the men I was attracting (let’s just say, I could do much better). I am still figuring things out; however, it is a very beautiful journey.

Develop a hobby

In your single season, you will encounter A LOT of alone time. So instead of twiddling your thumbs or watching TV (nothing wrong with either), why not use the free time to do something productive? I fill my time with reading and writing. I started writing about 3 years ago and I have always been a reader, so I dedicate my time to doing that. I’m currently reading Girl Code by Cara Alwill Leyba. It is very important to keep your brain forever sharp. Hobbies can be fitness, coding, knitting, gardening, whichever works best for you. Just occupy your time wisely.

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I hope these tips and tricks help my single ladies navigate the waters of single season.

If there are tips or tricks that should be listed feel free to list them. We would love to hear how you’re rocking out in your single season.





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