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23 Times Cardi B Served Us “Around The Way Girl” Chic | Cardi B Outfits

by Mika

Cardi B has had one hell of a first year as a new artist on the scene.  From making history as the 1st solo female artist to chart at number 1 in over 20 years being a first time mom, Cardi B has been slaying everything that has come in her direction. As with most things, the regular degular girl from the Bronx has elevated her style as well with the help of a impeccable glam squad that keeps her looking like shmoney.

Cardi B has a knack for pushing the limit with her style by incorporating some of her ghetto fabulousness into her style of dress. She’ll throw on some Givenchy thigh highs but she isn’t afraid to pair it with a dress from Fashion Nova.  Her urban flare keeps us on our toes. Cardi B outfits are always a talk of coversation–PERIOD.

Let’s hear it from the girls that’s from around the way by taking a look at some poppin Cardi B outfits…OKURRRRR

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1. Regular Degular


.Cardi cozy chic at the FENTY X Puma launch NYFW show. But when you’re first row, why wouldn’t you slay as hard as her


2. The Champ(ion) is here


Photo Credit: Aurora Rose/Patrick McMullan via Getty Images

If your girl can pull off sweats and stilettos, keep her! Cardi B served sweatsuit chic with this Champion x  Vetement number.


3. Cardi B meets Corretta Scott

Photo Credit: BET

Cardi showed up to the BET Awards to let these b*tches know she means business.–in case they forgot.


4. So NY

New Yorker starter kit. You’re welcome

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5. Pink Fur got Cardi dressing like Cam

Obviously New Yorkers invited cold fashion.


6. Barbie Bardi



cardi b outfits fashion

Cardi B’s look for her release party was a hit much like her chart topping debut album.

7. Graphic af

cardi b outfits fashion

Y’all remember when everybody would spray paint their wardrobes with all types of characters and phrases? Yeah, this reminds me of that and I’m here for it.

8. Denim & Pearls

cardi b outfits fashion

Cardi was slaying harder pregnant than most slay any day of their lives. She did it for the Kulture.

9. Drippin’ In Finesse

cardi b outfits fashion

Cardi B straight stunting, can’t tell her nothing. Bossed up and she dun changed the game. Feel me?

10. Atleisure Slay

cardi b outfits fashion

This sweatsuit is anything but regular degular…okurrr.

12. Birds of a Feather

cardi b outfits fashion

Holographic two piece set + a long feathered duster = Cardi 2.0

13. Bardi is The New Black

cardi b outfits fashion


14. The Misses

cardi b outfits fashion

Anytime Cardi steps out in white booties she’s ready to kill the game.

15. Mint Conditioned

cardi b outfits fashion

Not sure who’s that sitting next to her but he was photo ready.

16. Came Thru Dripping…a Cardi B outfit

cardi b outfits fashion

You notice how New Yorkers rarely wear their coats closed?

17. Bronx Marilyn Monroe

cardi b outfits fashion

I didn’t know pop art was fashion until Cardi stepped out in thie Marilyn Monroe pop=-art ensemble.

18.  Black & White

cardi b outfits fashion

Looking like a right swipe on Tinder.

19. Edges Laid

cardi b outfits fashion

The image smells like some good hair gel and a edge laying toothbrush—I live.

20. Crush On You

cardi b outfits fashion

Queens acknowledge queens and this Lil Kim crush on you inspired look is a prime example.

21. Doublemint

I’m starting to sense that minty greens are becoming a favorite hue of our dearest Cardi.

22. Momma Dearest

23. Unicorn Cardi

We all know Cardi B is a total hair chameleon. Pairing a bold updo with a “plain” outfit is an around the way girl cheat code.

Drop some of your own favorite Cardi B looks below.

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