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So I’ve been watching Scandal off and on over the years but I must say if I could I would LOVE to be Olivia Pope. Clearly she’s a fictional character but she embodies so many things that women want to be (besides a home wrecker or what not). This season I’m really trying to get into the show. But why do people think Olivia’s so great?

  • She handles things, point period blank.
  • She uses her gut (b.k.a. her female intuition) and for the most part is always right.
  • Her attitude is, usually, pretty positive no matter what sort of mess is going on.
  • She is fierceness and fabulocity wrapped up into one.
  • She has the president of the United States wrapped around her prissy little finger
  • There is literally not one thing that she can’t handle, not matter how big of a Scandal it is
  • Her wardrobe and very simple make-up look is always on point honey!

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