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What Do You Do If Your Man’s Family Hates You?

by Mika

Every day of the week, it seems like someone new is either getting pregnant, getting divorced, or engaged; both people i know in real life and celebrities. I can’t keep up! Me personally, I’m just coasting through it all just sitting back observing. This week Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna took to Instagram to announce their engagement, with a beautiful rock might I add. While many fans congratulated the two and handed Blac Chyna her “petty chick of the year award”, 4 days and counting the family of the groom to be who obsesses over putting their every move on social media has yet to publicly congratulate their soon to be sister in law.

This particular union is pretty messy considering

  1. Blac Chyna has a child with Kylie Jenner “Kardashian’s” current boyfriend
  2. Blac Chyna is best friends with Amber Rose who has publicly beefed with the Kardashian Klan 
  3. Tyga is low-key about to be his own son’s uncle, which has to be pretty confusing for the poor child
  4. Blac Chyna and Rob have been together for maybe 3 months?

While, I refrain from using celebrity “relationships” as the benchmark for my future ones, from all this messy Blac Rob stuff I couldn’t help but to ponder on this question.

Could you marry/be with someone who’s family did not welcome you? Whether it was because of personal issues, religious views, etc. 

oprah-side-eye marriage

I ran to my panel of professional commentresses (a.k.a.) my girl friends and asked them what they thought about this particular subject. This is what they had to say:

“I personally believe that when you marry someone, you marry their family…and that family is your family, especially if you have children. That becomes your children family. I won’t be able to function and build my own family with my spouse if his family and I do not get along. It would also bother me if my perspective husband didn’t associate with his family.”


“I guess it depends on how important family is for the two people. For me it’s a big deal. It can be a strain. Most people don’t realize the impact until later on.”


“I would only because I feel like if I really loved someone, especially to the point of feeling like you could be my husband , nothing would stop me from wanting to be with you. Like, I’m a sucker that would be like as long as we love each other…we good”


“I want my husbands family to accept me and my family. If the family doesn’t agree with the marriage then confusion can take place. I want serenity in my marriage. And some of the reasons why some marriages don’t last is because the spouse’s family is setting some type of confusion in the household” 

When I first answered this question I immediately said to myself “screw his family if they don’t support our marriage…they aren’t a part of our marriage so who cares.” But they really are. Somewhere down the line there is going to be kids, holidays, and hardships that just you and you husband alone will not be able to tackle. I pray that this isn’t my story but who’s to say that I won’t have a mother in law  to be from hell that doesn’t like me simply because I’m “taking” her son from her?

It sucks that people can not find a common ground for the sake of the happiness of someone that they love to live happily with their mate, but if life was fair I’d be $1 Million richer, 4 inches taller and driving around in a Range Rover with dark tinted windows.

If you were in a situation similar to Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian, would you let your beef with the family get in the way of what could possible be eternal love?



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