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VH1 TV Show Botched

VH1 TV Show Botched

Working as a beauty consultant, I have clients come to me and express their concerns about all these “flaws” that they have. I say “flaws” because I just look at them and think in my head “what the hell is this woman talking about?” I have 25 year olds concerned with their “wrinkles”, women who want significantly darker or lighter skin, nose jobs and everything else under the sun.

Sometimes they feel comfortable enough to share other issues that they have with themselves such as their breast and their butts (or lack thereof).  I don’t judge but damn, I’m just here to answer questions about products to improve your skin and help you with your makeup. I didn’t realized I signed up for all of this.

Yesterday, I was helping a client pick a shade in Cliniques Beyond Perfecting 2 in 1 foundation and she explained to me the reason why she needed more coverage in a foundation was because she recently had a nose job and it caused some discoloration on her face. I immediately but very low key started to cringe because I thought about this episode of “Botched” that I accidentally watched the other day. I say accidentally because I literally almost threw up in my mouth and I didn’t see it coming.

This woman was getting a nose job on the show because you could literally see right up her nostrils just having a convo with her. Yes, it was pretty weird but when I saw the doctors literally hammering into her nose to fracture bones ON PURPOSE (she wasn’t even aware that they would have to do this) I almost died. She was very happy with her new nose though aside from the fact that she had pain by her ribs where they had to remove some type of tissue to put in her nose.

Anywho, I’m clearly someone who has never and probably will never consider plastic surgery. It’s really so many things that could go wrong. As much as I would like to be better endowed up top, there being even a slight chance in the future that my breast will harden and could squish a watermelon (I’ve seen a woman with bad implants do this) has taken the thought from my mind. I’ll stick with my itty bittys. The day I had a 86 year old come to me and say she wanted a face lift, I think I gave  her a blank stare and kept my comments to myself.

When I’m old(er) I could care less wth I look like. My husband would be home with me and he will be just as saggy and wrinkled as I am and love every bit of it.  I sometimes wish that people would just accept themselves and stop letting silly unrealistic “standards” of society make them want to change themselves, sometimes for the worst. GOD did not make any mistakes. But  I’ll just drink water and mind my business because I’ll probably never truly understand it.


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