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The Debate Behind Diddy Opening A Charter School In Harlem

by Mika

News got out on Monday (March 28th, 2016) that Sean “P. Diddy” Combs is behind the welcoming of a new charter school named “The Capital Preparatory Harlem Charter School”, adding yet another great accomplishment to his, what we all can imagine to be, an impeccable resume. The Harlem charter school is set to to open in the Fall of 2016 and is currently accepting the applications for both students and staff. While many people applaud the Harlemite and his partner Dr. Steve Perry for what to many is an incredible step for some NYC Urban youth, some took to twitter to express their anti-charter sentiments.

Tweets from Journalist Roland S. Martin’s Twitter Timeline:

As with everything, for every incredible feat, there is always a person or two that look to bring it down. My question to the people who have such a big problem with the fact that two men are working diligently to bring a better education to inner city children (even if it just a few) rather than just another scholarship or after school program, have you experienced what it is like being educated in a public school system. And if you have, are you just simply blind to the fact that it is failing children and has already segregated the rich and poor, putting many youth of color at odds to receiving a valuable education?

As a young woman from Harlem that has received a Charter school education during my elementary school days, I can say that being given that opportunity in my early years definitely shaped the value that I put on my education and pushed me to strive to do more than the average; from there I continued to aim for better educational opportunities from attending a NYC Specialized High School to continuing on to Howard University; this is not a path that many inner city children find to be the norm. There are many members of my own peer group who lives have been negatively affected by the failing public school system.

I sometimes think about how I was two seconds from being sucked into the trap that is Public School education if it weren’t for my name being picked dead last for that lottery way back when. Lottery or not, these are the sort of opportunities that inner city children need access to even push themselves to do better and people like Diddy and Dr. Steve Perry recognize that. Even if right now, it isn’t something that is open to every underserved youth, as Roland pointed out, it is a START. Anything thing great takes a process but with a clear ending in mind anything is possible. Take that.

What are you personal thoughts about the opening of this charter school in Harlem and the differing views towards it?

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