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Author and Motivational Speaker, Pauleanna Reid, Talks Walking In Your Truth and Making Excellence The Bare Minimum

by Mika

“I’m walking in my truth because I’m no longer wearing a mask.”

Many people say they’re living in their truth but how many people actually are? Living in your truth is more than just coming to terms with who you are and what you’ve been through. It’s about having the courage and the tenacity to use those truths to push through every and anything and not being be afraid of what is to come. At 28, Pauleanna Reid has not only seen much success in her career, represented by a portfolio of work that includes mentoring in her New Girls On The Block program, wardrobe styling, writing and overall slaying her goals, the Toronto, Canada native has also grabbed life by the balls and rolled with the punches, living in her truth every step of the way.

If it’s one very important lesson that we can learn from Pauleanna, it’s life is not a straight and narrow path. Dropping out of college to pursue her dreams and suffering from depression in her younger years, Pauleanna now is walking in her truth as a motivational speaker, a mentor and the author of Amazon Best Seller Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother,   a cautionary tale of a teenagers life in this day and age loosely based around her own lifePauleanna now prides herself on pushing women of all ages to go for the gold and striving each day to be nothing less than excellent. By living through her own truth and finding the silverlining in every tramatic experience that has shaped her life, Pauleanna now finds herself using her own personal experiences to push women to slay by any means necessary.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Ms. Pauleanna Reid over a nice cup of joe while taking in all of the gems that she had to share on excellence, truth and shaping the life that you’ve always imagined.


Recently on  PauleannaReid.com you spoke about manifesting your vision into real life things. What do you feel is a common barrier for women, especially young women, when it comes to making these thoughts reality?

Honestly, I feel that we don’t raise our standards. We don’t make excellence the bare minimum. A lot of the time, we half ass sh*t. We do ourselves a disservice when we do that. My dad and my mom both had incredible work ethics so whether I was flipping burgers at Burger King, a top executive or running my own business, I always try to be the best at what I do. I witnessed my parents and people in my family living by high standards.
What’s the point of doing something if you’re going to be average at it? That’s wack to me. If you’re not going to be the best at what you do or your not even going to try to be the best, then what you are doing is a hobby. That’s cool for some people but not for me. Be driven by a purpose and raise your standard’s for yourself.

What were some difficulties that you faced when you were writing Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother?

I’ll give you two perspectives. From a technical standpoint, actually just coming to terms with the truth and writing it. My writing schedule consisted of sessions anywhere from 6-12 hour at a time. For me, a lot of people say their writing books and no one ever actually comes out with it. For me, I was really really determined…it took me 4 years to write it which is brutal. Like it was one of the hardest things I’ve done in my life. To be consistent and to be like “yeah you’re actually going to do this. You’re not just going to talk sh*t ”.

And from another perspective…just knowing that my mom, my aunties, my uncles and my family would read this all. Especially some of the parts with sexual content.  I didn’t want to hold myself back. I didn’t want to be sorry. I’m not sorry for telling the story. I’m not sorry telling the truth. It was just difficult trying to push through that but I knew if I were able to do that, I could literally do anything. I’m walking in my truth because I’m no longer wearing a mask.

With the next project to come, whether it was the process or the content, is there anything that you would change?

(Without Hesitation) No, there isn’t anything I would change. Me and my parents are a lot closer because we were able to have those difficult conversations. I feel better mentally and emotionally because I’m no longer carrying any heavy burdens or secrets. And there’re so many young people that have benefitted from me sharing my story.

How do you find the balance for everything that you do?

There is no balance. Something always suffers but I’ve learned how to delegate. I’ve learned how to create an awesome team. I don’t do it all myself. I have people in my corner that really help me push through and help me get through those difficult moments. We can’t do it all our own and I feel people kill their careers by thinking they can accomplish everything on their own and it’s all about hustle…which it is but if you have a dope team that believes in the vision, you’ll get so much further.

How do you wean out who’s really down for the ride or who is just there when sh*t is sweet when building a dope team?

You’re going to go through a trail and after a while, you’ll get it right. You’ll understand people’s intentions and be able to see through the BS. For me, it’s just really important that I work with people that are investing in their own lives and open to being mentors. I can almost pick up on it.

Most of the time when I look for employees, I don’t even look at resumes. Anyone can make their resume look amazing. I speak to them. It’s just about how they speak about themselves and how they carry themselves. I want to know what their dreams are…I want to know what their self-love practices are.

You’ve recently changed your tagline from ”Be the best you possible” to “Live. Learn. Upgrade”. Can you explain the meaning behind those?

They essentially mean the same thing. Just give your best every single day. Raise your standards. Develope a reputation of consistent excellence. It’s all about how you carry yourself and never leaving the house without your crown. Your word is your word and when people leave your presence they should better than when they came. Be your best and don’t be hard on yourself. Talk to yourself with respect and be open to learning from other people. GOD will always take care of you.

What’s the biggest takeaway from Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother f?or your readers?

Rock your truth and don’t be ashamed of it. All of the experiences that you go through is for a higher purpose.

What’s next for Pauleanna?

I have a new mentorship program call New Girl On The Block, which I’m really really proud of.  In just over a year, I’ve mentored 80 women in 5 different countries. It’s amazing. What we essentially do is turn shy girls into fly girls. I mentor by way of life planning, career strategy and we also work with financial advisors. Some of our new girls have recently purchased their first homes because of the advisory of our team. We slay our goals. I’ve mentored everyone from an 18-year-old prostitute to a 30 something Olympic athlete. Mentorship is the greatest contribution I can make with my life and I’m super proud of it.


It’s very evident that motivational speeches are second nature to Pauleanna. Her last words to me when wrapping up this interview were golden. “I hope you’re living your dreams. I hope you’re walking in your truth. I just get irritated, upset and worrysome when I find an adult, whether young or old is not living up to their potential. You have to take responsibility for your own life and not let anyone dictate what your path should be. ”

You can catch up with Pauleanna Reid on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. Be sure to snag yourself a copy of her book Everything I Couldn’t Tell My Mother


What strides are you making towards living up to your potential today?

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