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A Music Festival Survival Guide To Get You Through Summer Sixteen

by Mika

Without a doubt, the Summer is absolutely my favorite season. It’s something about the beautiful weather that breeds positive vibes and turns everyone into little social butterflies. If you love music and to enjoy the great outdoors during the summer months, I’m sure you’ve already made plans of some sort to hit a music festival or two to see your favorites artists, drink with your friends and have a day’s worth of fun in the sun.

I started my Summer Sixteen early by heading to Broccoli Feast last month (May)  and I had a blast! One of my favorite artists performed, I had all access passes and great company to share the whole experience with. Whether it’s the Essence Festival happening the end of June or OVO Fest happening this August, make sure your well prepared to have a great time and leave the unnecessary stress behind.

BC Fest 2016

BC FEST 2016



Get yourself acquainted with the line-up and the details of the event via the event’s official website and social accounts.

It’s probably best that you know who’s performing on which stage so you can maneuver your way around (or ideally before) the crowd. Also, you may way to know what is and is not allowed at the venue. For instance, Broccoli City Festival had very specific requirements when it came to type of camera that was allowed at the event. Just make sure you know every little detail before you show up.

If time and your bank account permits, go for better passes

Of course you can be like most people and go for general admin but going for the gold has it’s perks. Theres less chaos of course and a strong possibility that you have access to exclusive areas and even unlimited food and drinks. Treat yourself.

Plan your transportation

If public transportation is the most reliable for you, go for it. Just make sure you are mentally prepared for the number of people who are thinking the same. I would suggest staying away from Uber and cabs because you will most likely end up in traffic and splitting a $60 car ride (personal experience).


Bring a fully charged portable charger and make sure your battery on your phone is (almost) full when you arrive

You’ll want to be snapping and taking pics of absolutely everything so make sure you have the battery to do so or bring an actual camera to lessen the use of your phone. Also, be aware that the sun will drain your battery faster. Try to limit your phone use a bit so just in case anything happens, like you getting lost at the event, you have battery power to find someone.  

Skip the romper on one piece outfits!

Public bathrooms are pretty bad and the public port-a-potty’s at music festivals are even worse. Refrain from wearing anything that will subject you to being in these monstrosities any longer than you need to. I ended up in a port-a-potty that had tissue flying everywhere from the hand dryer, so just take it from me. 

In general, be comfortable, not cute

Most likely you’ll be in grass and dirt or just around a thousand and one sweaty drunk folks that are trying to have a good time. Unless you are okay with ruining your clothes, don’t show up in your Sunday’s best. You can be cute but make sure you’re in something that will get you through hours of being outside successfully.

Wearing a satchel in a major key

Purses? Nobody has time for that. They get in the way and make getting around much harder than it has to be.  Wearing a satchel, on the other hand, is less of a hassle. Make sure the zipper/flap is secure at all times. You can even wear it backward so the flap isn’t exposed to anyone who shall attempt something. 

Make sure you come equipped with the essentials

That mean’s thing like water (if you can bring it in), deodorant, baby wipes, mints, CASH, camera and so on and so on.

Pick a meetup spot

It’s much better to be safe than sorry. In case get separated from your friends and your phone dies or you don’t have good phone service make sure you guys find a meeting spot that you both can recognize in order to find each other if one person disappears for an extended period of time. 

Say excuse me

While we all are well aware that these types of functions are bound to have thousands of people crowded up on one another with loud music playing in the background, it is absolutely no excuse to not say excuse. A simple “excuse me” can get you a very long way (i.e. a better spot in front of the stage, not being cussed out by a random drunk stranger)

Come with good company

Make sure whoever you attend these kinds of events with are people you trust and can count on. Anything is bound to happen at a function like this. Keep that in mind so you won’t be the drunk friend that can barely stand up being totally ignored by her friend that has found a new love interest. I totally seen this happen and made sure the poor girl drank some water.

Have fun and leave the drama at home

Point black period. We all pay our money to show up and have a good time. Please don’t be that person to ruin it.


What music festivals will you be hitting this summer?

BC FEST 2016



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