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10 Ways I Got Motivated To Hit The Gym & LOST 15 LBS

by Mika

Once upon the time I lost a ton of weight (not on purpose) and  got super motivated to hit the gym. Then, I said eff it, started eating terribly and left the gym alone and gained well over 30 lbs.

For as long as I could remember I’ve pretty much struggled with my weight. One day it’s up and the next it’s down. I have yet to master getting and staying in shape. However, as I’m nearing quarter of century (25 years young) I finally (hopefully) have gotten super serious about creating the physique of my dreams. Unfortunately enough for me I don’t have the money to fly out to DR to purchase my body goals so I’m out here doing it the hard natural way. That was totally sarcasm if you’re not familiar with me 🙂

Let me be frank–I still struggle getting to the gym but I’ve come a LONG way

Everything about working out made me uncomfortable. From the juice heads slamming weights on the ground like they have no home training to trying to figure out WTH is a bicep curl and how does it applies to my life. However, it’s been over a month since I’ve been in the gym CONSISTENTLY and I just wanted to share with other people trying to get over the same hurdle things I did to help me get off my ass and hit the gym.

Sidebar: I’m down about 15lbs and by the Summer I going to be looking like a 5 course meal. I’m claiming it.

So what helps me get motivated to hit the gym?

1. I told myself f*ck it & purchased a gym membership with a 1 year contract

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I had a gym membership before the new Blink by my house even opened. To me, a gym membership is an INVESTMENT. I wasn’t going to be putting my money into something and not getting anything in return. The only way you get something out of the gym is by showing up and going hard.

2. I cleaned up my DIET before I started a workout regimen

I went Pescatarian which was the start of this health journey. When I broke the habit of consuming meat I started cleaning up my diet more. Less sugar, more water, no white grains–it snowed balled because I was able to tackle one thing at a time instead of overwhelming or feeling restricted.

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3. I buy new gym clothes so I can feel like a bad b*tch in the gym

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You feel good when you look good and yes, this even applies to getting motivated to hit the gym. Even if I’m going to work up a sweat trying to get this body right, I want to look good doing it. Don’t ask any questions. Nike–just do it.


4. Speaking of gym clothes, I sleep in mine so I have NO EXCUSE in the morning

I know myself good enough to know the less sh*t I have to do in the morning to get myself to the gym the more likely I am to actually make it there. I take a shower before bed and through on my gym clothes. In the morning all I have to do is eat something light, grab my gym bag and my keys and head out the door. No excuses.

5. I go at my own pace–f*uck what everyone else is doing 

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When you’re a rookie in a place that may have a ton of pros, it’s easily to get so wrapped up in what everyone else is doing. So much so that you become self-conscious and unproductive. Anxiety will start kicking in and stop you from figuring out t sh*t for yourself.  

6. I made some bomb ass playlists that push me to go hard af 

Music is everything (for me) when to getting motivated to hit the gym–the right music definitely amps you up. This is probably my favorite one to workout to. The theme “Big Momma Thangs” embodies boss woman talking boss sh*t and that’s how I like to feel when I’m working out and seeing results.

7. I fell in love with the process

Instead of focusing on the results I fell in love with the milestones that were getting me to results. Doing cardio longer without my heart beating out my chest, adding heavier weight to my strength exercises and feeling productive in the gym made me feel great while I was waiting to see results on the scale and in the mirror.

8. I built a tribe to hold me down

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Yes this is YOUR journey but having people to go to with questions or motivation goes a long way. Grab a friend that’s into fitness or trying to get fit to keep you in check and motivated to hit the gym. It helps tremendously.

9. I started a secret Instagram…shhh

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I follow a ton of fitness pages and gurus/professionals on my secret IG. It gets me motivated and some times I “steal” their workouts & advice to apply to my own fitness regimen. Speaking of follow me on IG

10. I track my progress through photos

*The right photo was taken on March 13th and the Left photo March 31st*

Listen, I didn’t even realize how much progress I  made until I compared those 2 photos side by side. I promise you, tracking your progress along the way is a BIG motivator. You’ll literally give yourself two snaps in a circle and be feigning for more.

There may be a few other things that have gotten me motivated to the gym 4-5 times a week for the past month or some however  these are the key things that I know for a fact have pushed the hell out of me.


I hope these tips work for you. Chat with me on Twitter about your own health/fitness journey. 

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