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Love & Hip Hop Hollywood

VH1’s Love & Hip Hop HollyHOOD

So I know I’m a day late, but I finally got the chance to watch Love & Hip Hop Hollywood this morning and boy let me tell you !

I’m sure you’ve all watched it (for it is everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure ) so here my 2 sense on all of the cast members thus far.

Ray J: I never really know how to feel about Ray J. I’m still trying to take him seriously so I’ll get back to y’all maybe next week.

Omarion– <3 I’m happy and sad for him at the same time. His girlfriend and momma (who thinks she’s his girlfriend) are going to drive him insane. P.S. I’m waiting to hear some music from you !

Lil Fizz– <3 WOW. He seems like he really enjoys being a father beside that whole baby momma drama. What’s really going to happen with his music career though? Who knows.

Tierra Marie– This girl here. She has quite the diva attitude for someone that isn’t of that caliber. No offense. She also shouldn’t be bitter about the whole Ray J thing. Channel that energy into some positive (relaunching your music career).

Apryl– Dealing with Omari’s momma is probably a headache but yes you all are family at the end of the day. It is what it is.

Leslie (Momma Dee 2.0)- Just think about the happiness of your son (and your future grandson) that is all.

Moniece: TBD… Umm yeah

Monique: For the most part seems about her business, lets hope she doesn’t get messy.


All of the opinions are based off of the assumption that this is in fact reality.

If you missed the show on Monday and just was recap on everything head to VH1 for full length episodes or download the VH1 app.

P.S. I just re-read the sentence above and realized I unintentionally sound like the freaking commercial at the end of LAHH. Lol

– as told by MIKA :-*

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