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My Love/Hate Relationship With My Natural Hair

by Mika

I haven’t been happy with my natural hair since senior year of high school.  To be quite honest, I don’t think my natural hair has been too pleased with me either. Let me give you a timeline of our relationship.


love hate relationship with natural hair

My hair was so thin, you could see what was on my mind.

Senior year of high school I was just like most black teenage girls I know; I didn’t know sh*t about my natural hair and I pretty much had a relaxer before I was allowed to cross the street alone. My Saturdays consisted of me and my mom spending a bulk of my day at “the Dominicans” getting my thin shoulder length hair fried, dyed and laid to the side.


love hate relationship with natural hair

Sepia Macbook photo circa 2010 but my hurr thickened up A TON

I discovered natural hair Youtube and began researching more about natural black hair. I decided I wouldn’t go natural but I would focus on having healthy relaxed hair like my girl ULuvMegz. With a lot of TLC and patience, my hair was flourishing and getting thicker than a snicker.


love hate relationship with natural hairI was a sophomore in college, got addicted to weaves and my transitioning hair broke off completely at the line of demarcation. I covered my hair in weaves for a long while and suffered from a lot of heat damage from straightening my leave out in the process.


Still all weaved up and my hair was screaming under.


I started a new job that became stressful as hell and my hair began thinning and falling out. I got my hair braided by “the Africans” and my edges fell out. Luckily enough for me, they grew back rather quickly.


I’m on the road to recovering my hair. It’s currently at collar bone length but I could definitely use some thickening (especially in the areas that were thinning out because of stress).


african head wrap

July 2017, I pretty much have a full edge and I have no one but GOD to thank for that.


Curlfest was an interesting experience. Besides it being so packed that I couldn’t do much, it was an unfriendly reminder of how much my natural hair was NOT flourishing. Everyone was swinging their beautiful tresses, and I’m just there feeling baldheaded.

Above: A photo of me at Curlfest fake flourishing in my 4C texture laced wig. This wig is essentially my hair goals. This is what we call “faking it till you make it “folks”.
Outfit Deets: Cristina Denim Lace Up Day Dress from Tobi.com  x Alice + Olivia Rainbow Printed Leather Clutch (Alice & Olivia) x Choker (Beauty Supply Store)


love hate relationship with natural hair

Above: This was a step in the opposite direction of m usually bobbed or blunt bang wigs but I love embracing natural Afro textures, even if it isn’t from my own scalp.
Outfit Deets: Arlet Choker Bodysuit from Tobi.com x Skirt (Thrifted) x Sandals (Bobby’s Department Store; $3!)

I’ve neglected my hair so much. I made the decision to get really serious about nursing my hair back to health. For years I’ve put the health of my hair second to having stylish weaves and other hair do’s. I’m curious to know what my hair may look and feel like if I give it the TLC that it needs.


Do you have any suggestions or advice about restarting a healthy hair journey?

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