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Craig & Day Day.

Craig & Day-Day.

Mike Epps! Lol

He’s the first celebrity that I’ve run into in a while. I used to run into celebs a lot back home (NYC) for obvious reasons. I always run into the really nice ones too. Mike Epps was cool and just as funny as one would think. He called me “chocolate dipp” lmao. It was exciting see Mike because he’s played in some of the funniest comedies that I enjoyed watching as a kid (even thought I probably shouldn’t have been watching them at that age but who cares). I have yet to meet anyone who was not a fan of Friday movies, esp. Next Friday. Call me corny but that kind of made my weekend. I hear his After Dark Tour is really funny too. I’ve never been a real fan of stand-up comedy, but I’m sure you couldn’t go wrong with Mike Epps. Everybody loves “Day Day” LOL. I didn’t catch the tour this time around, but maybe next time.

P.S. Excuse the whitecoat. I was at work at the time, but I couldn’t pass up this moment.


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