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One of my favorite pastimes in life has always been eating and Miami fed my appetite very well. So well, that once I got back from Miami my feet and legs were swollen from all the salty (but tasty) food and drinks I consumed. I think I’ve learned my lesson though.

This is how I was eating in MIA (some of my favorite places/ food that I remembered to take photos of)


Planet Sushi is an awesome sushi place. Well priced and the sushi is bomb. This was fried sushi (yeah I thought the same thing, fried sushi?) It was really good.


Fat Tuesday’s. A must visit (a few times) while in South Beach. Daiquiris on FLEEK


This was in Little Havana. Pretty good ice cream, nothing over the top


The best $30 drink you’ll ever have. Beware, they are tasty but the WILL creep up on you and having you stumbling down Ocean Drive with jelly legs.


This was at a place call Tequila at the very end of Ocean Drive. The drink were good (this is a Pina Colada), the food and it had an awesome outside set up. After some good food and drank I sat on a swing for a few minutes and just chilled. Nice atmosphere!


Another from Teequila. “Purple Haze” I recommend it


More from Planet Sushi. We went twice lol. Yeah, it was that good!


Wet Willy’s, more Daiquiris on FLEEK. I heard the name Wet Willy’s in tons of rap songs and just knew I had to see what the hype was about. The food and drinks were pretty good but the atmosphere is absolutely no frills, nothing spectacular. Beware of the bathroom please. OMG is was a disaster but I was too tipsy to care at the moment.


These were open quesadillas I believe from Jalapeño. I wasn’t a big fan of the food but it was okay.


The drinks from Jalapeño (we had mango margaritas) were great. And so was our handsome server. His service was actually worth the 20% included gratuity thats all up and down Ocean Drive.


Big Pink on Collins Ave had some really good good what I would like to call “GHETTO burgers” with a twist. I had a burger that had brie cheese, ham and granny smith apple. It was really good. The onion rings were on point too. My mouth just started to water again writing this caption btw.


courtalex95 August 13, 2016 - 6:30 pm

Sushi 😩😩😩 Everything looks so good!

Mika August 13, 2016 - 6:33 pm

The sushi by far was my fav. I haven’t had fried sushi since 😂


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