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If You Died Today, Would You Be Content With the Life You’ve Lived?

by Mika

Complaining, complaining, complaining. That’s all that I’ve been doing lately. I have too much work to do (that I get paid for), I want to move back to New York than eventually LA to get my career on another level. My first world problems at the moment are getting the best of me but in reality there’s someone out there that would die to have the problems that I’m having versus trying to figure when their next meal will be or when’s the the next time they’ll have the opportunity to lay down in a warm bed or take a hot shower. While myself and many others are out here complain about all the blessings we have in our lives instead of going hard every moment, we let it get the best of us and often don’t give everything “little” thing our all.

This past weekend I was saddened by the many posts on my social timelines annoucing the passing of Daisy Lewellyn, a socialite,stylist, Graduate of Howard Univerity and a such a positive spirit. Daisy lost her battle to cancer but not one time (as far as I can see as a fan) did see let that battle get the best of her. She stayed on her grind until GOD call her home and for that, many people including myself admired her tremendously.

daisy lewellyn life bravoStarring on Bravos’s Blood Sweat and Heels, we did get a glimpse at the struggle that Daisy Lewllyn was experiencing during her battle with stage 4 cancer but what we were more intrigued by was her relentlessness, her strength and perseverance through it all. She did not let her battle define her or deviate her from accomplishing what she had set out to accomplish. That’s what life should be like. No matter if it’s a sickness, an annoying boss, or any other “obstacle” under the sun that may be coming in between you living the life of your dreams, you should push through and give it every ounce of your being.

An older client of mine (at my beauty consulting job) named Nancy said to me “

” . That will stick with me forever because on so many levels it is true. Last November, I lost a friend named Kianna who was soon to graduate from college and eager to really give school and her soon to be career her best. She was a positive much like Daisy in regards to having a positive spirit and she really was working hard to make a life for herself that she, her family and friends could be proud of. Of course after hearing that she died in a tragic car crash I was brought to tears but when I sat and thought about it in full scope I couldn’t be sad. Though Kianna had so much in store for her at her very young age, the quality of her life at the tender age of 22 would never let her be forgetten. She lived life to the fullest of her capabilities. Again, “it’s not the quality of life but the quantity of life”. The same goes for Daisy Lewllyn though she will be missed by family, friends and fans alike, she also has so much to remembered by. We all can take a lesson from the both of them.

That’s what you need to ask yourself the next time you’re “too tired” to finish that assignment, or too discourage to fill out that job application for the opportunity of a lifetime, or your just “too stressed” to be there for a family member or friend in need.

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