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Kick Bad Habits

Kick Bad Habits

I have many, but my mission is to not bring them into adulthood. Here are some of my bad habits that I will actively work on changing.

Diet: Limiting the bad foods that I eat and having a better-balanced diet is going to take some time for me. Lord knows I love food but with age I should be more careful about the things I’m taking in. I won’t be 21 forever, which leads to…

Exercising: Rather the lack of. I need to stop using my busy schedule as an excuse to not exercise.

Procrastination: I probably should have learned this before I got to College but it’s better late than never. A lot comes from the fact that I work and go to school but still a change is needed.

Television: I’ve actually been limiting the amount of TV that I watch since the beginning of this semester and so far so good. I’ve been cutting out a lot of reality tv and watching more CNN and other news broadcasts especially in the morning.

Spending Habits: I don’t really spend frivolously for the most part but sometimes I do spend unnecessary money on things, such as taking Uber everywhere when there really isn’t a need to.

This is just a start to my habit changing journey. As a part of my journey, I will continually add habits that I’m working and talking about my progress here on my blog.

What is the first step that you take personally when trying to break a bad habit?



Say Success November 4, 2014 - 5:59 pm

I totally agree with you about the spending habits. Now that i have a job I spend so much more because I have constant money coming in. I was just having a conversation with some friends today about breaking some of the habits like eating candy and drinking juice.

mika725 November 4, 2014 - 6:20 pm

Jobs are a gift and a curse. But sugar omg, it’s a legal drug. I havent drank soda in about 5 days now and I’d die to have one right now but i know I shouldn’t.


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