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Grinding Gal: Top 3 Tips For Managing Your Side Hustle As Told By Paige Mariah

by Mika

As I’m transitioning to working full-time while keeping up ATBM.com,  I’m in the process of creating a stress-free (keyword) plan of  action. I been inspired by quite a few side hustlers that I know that manage to do it so effortlessly, so I know it is in fact very possible. On July 25th (My Birthday!) I will be starting a job in a new-ish city (I’ll be moving back home to New York) which I am ecstatic about but I want to make sure I stay consistent with my site. I’ve been seeking advice from those I know in the same boat who have gained a knack for it. I’m sure the side hustler in you can benefit from these words of advice.

One side hustler that I admire and have watched grown over the years  is Non- Profit Marketing Coordinator and LifeSTYLE Blogger, Paige Mariah. I’ve been following the Chicago-based blogger since 2011 (according to our Facebook friendship) because of her unique style and creative content. I was so amazed and inspired when I found out she was doing so many great things with her brand while still managing to hold down a 9-5, that I asked her to share with myself and other side hustlers in training her top 3 tips to effectively get the job done.

Here’s the advice that Paige had to offer.

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Be honest & open with your job about your side hustle/passion with people in your workplace.

I believe that this is probably the most important tip to follow when you’re hoping to balance a full-time job with a side hustle. Along with your job, your side hustle is most likely a major part of your life. I have met people who began jobs without ever mentioning their side hustles to their employers and ending up finding out that their job wasn’t too happy about them having an additional focus. If your full-time job will make it difficult for you to also be committed to your passion, that place might just not be the right fit.

I shared my passion for blogging and content creation with my current boss during the first interview. She actually ended up being pretty impressed and I believe that it contributed to me landing a mid-level position right out of college. I was surprised to find out that she actually sent my blog out to all of our coworkers as my “introduction” when I first started in my position and she has been nothing but supportive throughout the last year and a half that I’ve been with this organization.

Batch processing (Thank you for this one Mattie!)


Getting ahead using batch processing can really minimize procrastination and stress while keeping up the consistency and productivity. This is something that I actually learned from one of my favorite bloggers, Mattie of Mattieologie.com who holds an advanced degree in “blog process optimization”. For me, batch processing as a blogger means taking out time blocks, a day or even a few hours, to just sit down and create a bunch of content in one sitting. This could mean, writing enough blog posts to spread out over the next few weeks or even filming 3 Youtube videos in one day.

With the stress of the work week, coming home and working on blog posts and videos in reality just may not always happen. However, dedicating a Saturday or Sunday morning to batch processing content has not only made me more productive than ever but it has also helped me to produce my best work because I don’t feel rushed. When balancing a full-time job with a side hustle, you have to be very conscience of your time. Save yourself the stress and batch process (keyword). Stress is not good for side hustling!

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Don’t lose focus.

A lot of us side hustlers greatly depend on our 9-5s to fund our passions. As we all know, side hustles don’t come cheap and don’t usually make thousands of dollars right away. My earnings from my job have played a HUGE role in the growth of my blog, from allowing me to upgrade camera equipment or even purchase new clothes to incorporate into my style posts.

Though I’m totally obsessed with my blog/brand, I have to make sure that I’m still giving 105% here in the office each day, that means keeping my side hustle out of the office. Though I hope to eventually make my passion my paycheck, I know that I have to be patient and make sure that I’m still putting in the work to maintain the paychecks that I can count on right now!

With just a few weeks to starting my first official full-time job out of college, this is right on time. Even if you have already been working full-time while maintaining you side hustle, there’s still always room for improvement.

For those side hustlers just beginning or those who are already in process , how have the tips above helped you? or how do plan on applying these tips to your side hustling life?

Be sure to catch up with Paige at PaigeMariah.com or on Twitter//Instagram



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