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(It was Saturday July 25th)

Blend on the Water Brunch

Or should I say blunching?

To kick off my “day of” birthday celebration (my birthday is the entire month of July) I went to brunch/blunch at Blend On The Water in Long Island City in NY. Honestly, brunch here was the highlight of my month long birthday celebration. The atmosphere was great, located right next to water and abundant in naturally lighting this is a place that I would frequent if I still lived in the city. It’s the perf place to go when you want to get out in NYC and not be overwhelmed with the overpopulation and ridiculously long waits that are prevalent in the city.

Check out how I was “blunching” at Blend On The Water!

Blend on the Water, Blunch Menu

Blunch Menu

Blend on the Water: Pernil

I hope my spanish is still decent. I’ve been obsessed with pernil ever since mis amigas puertorriqueños introduced it to me to it. Blend’s pernil is cooked to perfection (not dry what so ever) and very well seasoned. It is served with tostones, white rice, bean sauce (I don’t care for beans so I ordered maduros instead) and a chimichurri sauce that pairs well with every part of the meal. Let me not forget the pernil is served in an edible plantain chip bowl!

Blend on the Water: Maduros

Maduros otherwise known as sweet plantains. These where perfectly riped, sweet and yummy in my tummy!

Blend on the Water: Tres Leche

This is LIT-erally the BEST dessert I’ve ever had in my life. I’m not particularly a fan of sweets but this tastes like everything and more. It’s not overwhelmingly sweet and the warm milk soaked into the cake is so sweet and delicious. I literally had to refrain from ordering not one but two more of these. As you can see half of it was gone before I even got to take a picture.

Blend on the Water Coconut Margarita

I love coconut and I love margaritas so this fusion for me is heaven in a glass. Though I usually opt for a classic margarita, if the opportunity presents itself my choice would now be coconut (assuming that it would be made as perfectly as the one at Blend… if I’m not at Blend that is)

Blend on the Water Mango Bellini

Mango Bellini! Need I say more?

If you live in NYC, are going to be in NYC visiting or are just a foodie like myself and many others, I encourage you to visit Blend on the Water and indulge in their fabulous latin fusion offerings.

Twas my BDAY

Me, my naked face and my satisfied tummy!


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