Why I Prefer Vacation Rentals Over Hotels

It has always been something about hotels that just didn’t sit well with me.

Boujee On A Budget: Tips On Finding Cheap Flights

Stop and Smell the Roses

National Garden, Washington DC

I’ve been feeling a little down lately about EVERYTHING under the sun, so I went on an excursion to the National Garden in Washington DC by my lonesome. I don’t have a green thumb whatsoever but I LOVE flowers. I can never be sad with pretty sweet smelling flowers around me. My dream house will have a garden where I’ll get to escape from all the madness of the world.
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Long Overdue Miami Pics: Part 2, Food & Drank

One of my favorite pastimes in life has always been eating and Miami fed my appetite very well. So well, that once I got back from Miami my feet and legs were swollen from all the salty (but tasty) food and drinks I consumed. I think I’ve learned my lesson though.

This is how I was eating in MIA (some of my favorite places/ food that I remembered to take photos of)

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Long Over Due Miami Pics:Part 1


I literally came back from Spring Break about 3 weeks prior to writing this post and I’m still getting back into the swing of things lol. I haven’t posted on my blog in weeks and lately I’ve been feeling so absent minded. I’m ready for this semester to end and for the summer to come for an extended vacation. Oh, and new great beginnings of course.
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*Queues “Welcome to Miami” by Will Smith* I’ve taken a relatively long hiatus from my blog but I’m back. *Waves* School has began to get the best of me but that’s no excuse. I know I know! Anywho, I am… Continue Reading

I need a VACATION!

Last year around this time I began planning for what should be a college students favorite part of the spring semester , SPRING BREAK! Last year me and my wonderful ladies were being sun kissed and prancing around in Puerto… Continue Reading