Living Apart Together: Why I’m Considering Living Happily Married Under Two Separate Roofs

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5 Things For Every Woman To Accomplish in Her “Single Season”

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Why You Need To End Your “Situation-ship” And Respect Yourself More

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Why Daughters Need Their Fathers Around Just As Much As Sons

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#RelationshipGoals: 10 Black Sitcom Couples That Showed Black Love Exists

The NON- #Relationshipgoals That You’ll Learn From LHHH

I’m sure I’m not the only one who is often confused as to where the “love” comes in on these Love & Hip Hop franchise shows. If anything we learn a lot about what NOT to tolerate in these shows;… Continue Reading

6 Ways To Get Over A Bad Breakup

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Breakups are the easier said than done. No matter if you two were an item for 3 months or 3 years, you tend to get used to your significant other being around and now you’re back to square one. I know I’ve definitely been there. Crying to myself, my friends and GOD asking what’s wrong with me? Am I ugly? or just a terrible person and no one wants to be with me? I envisioned myself being alone for the rest of my life with just my pets to keep me company. Continue Reading

6 Reasons Why You Should Be Happy To Be Single

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Why Black Men Are Over Dating Black Women

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  If you had some type “wtf” response to the title of this post, then were on the same page. Here’s the background of how this idea/topic whatever you’d like to call it came to my mind.