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I always wished I had a creative talent—then I discovered the pen, notepad and makeup brush.


mikaSome of the greatest things on earth were created on accident. Shortly after creating my blog for a college marketing course, I realized I had stumbled upon a true gem.  ATBM.com is my accidental creation that has over the years become a collection of my thoughts on serious life topics, life experiences as a young adult and everything beauty —all coming from an around the way girl that’s in the process of pursuing her dreams and living life fearlessly.

There are so many things that I wish I knew about early adulthood before I was knees deep in it. I can’t say I’m a life expert—or that I even got a hang of this adulting thing, but I don’t mind sharing with you all the things that “they wouldn’t”. Nothing is off limits here including some of my own embarrassing ah ha moments.

how to get hired by a makeup brand

As a former accredited beauty consultant for Clinique, I share loads of information about makeup skincare and beauty trends  based on things that I’ve learned as a trained consultant and my love for it all.  In addition to my beauty expertise, you can find my tips and advice on things that I, like many other millennials, had to learn the hard way. Whether it’s advice about finances in your 20’s or reviewing a hyped up beauty product that just released, I got your back.

Think of ATBM.com as the best friend that you can boo-hoo with about your shitty ex boyfriend over glass of wine, then hit Sephora to buy makeup while sipping lattes. This is just life as told by me…Mika—but you’re more than welcome to come along for the ride.

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Mika is a New York City based lifestyle and beauty blogger and freelance writer.


For all collaborations, work opportunities and/or to request a media kit,  please email inquires@astoldbymika.com. Please only send inquiries for ATBM.com 

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